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The Census includes all residents of the United States, regardless of their citizenship status. In some areas of the country, those without American citizenship account for a substantial proportion of the population, while in many areas, particularly in the Midwest, the make up only a small percentage of residents. Likewise, in some areas the majority of the population has come from other states within the U.S. while in others, particularly in the South, the population is more stable over time.

Nativity and Citizenship Status, 1990-2000
1990 2000
Number Percent Number Percent
Total Population 2,842,321 100.00% 3,421,399 100.00%
Total Native Population 2,703,014 95.10% 3,131,697 91.53%
Born in US 2,677,335 94.20% 3,101,672 90.66%
Born in Same State 1,324,179 46.59% 1,549,044 45.28%
Born in Different State 1,353,156 47.61% 1,552,628 45.38%
Born Outside US 25,679 0.90% 30,025 0.88%
Total Foreign Born Population 139,307 4.90% 289,702 8.47%
Naturalized 59,202 2.08% 97,381 2.85%
Non-Naturalized 80,105 2.82% 192,321 5.62%

Source: Census 2000 analyzed by the Social Science Data Analysis Network (SSDAN).

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